Property management made simple

Property management made simple

We can customise our services based on your needs. Here you'll find the rundown of services including our lease management package, utility account options, the Visma e-conomic integration and other new features.

The lease management package

For residential and commercial leases

In the lease management package you get access to the platform, automated communication with tenants about their rent payments, digital contract signatures and much more. The complete package includes:

Access to the platform

Automated collection of rent

Automated communication to tenants about rent payments

Default notices and cancellations

Automated adjustment of rent cf. the net price index

Digital contracts and signatures with Nem-ID or touch signature

49 DKK / month / lease ex. VAT

Keep track of all lease documents

It's important to keep track of one's documents when renting out properties. With our platform you can upload and store lease contracts, house rules, appendices, pictures from move-in/move-out etc. and keep everything structured and right where you need it.

Included in lease management
Illustration of pdf file

Receive rent payments in an instant

One of the ways we're different in Proper is how we handle payments from tenants. Our intelligent payment solution is based on individual bank accounts for all tenants which helps us register payments and help landlords get their lease payments as quick and easy as possible.

Included in lease management
Illustration of how the rent payments flow

Export and analyse what you need

Export credit and debit entries on all your tenancies to get an overview or to make your own reports in Excel, or export payouts as well as your tenants' deposits to reconcile the bank or your accounts.

Included in lease management
Illustration of csv and excel file

Accounting integration with
Visma e-conomic

Visma e-conomic is the leading accounting software provider in Denmark. You can easily connect Proper to e-conomic to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping. Our integration will make sure that bills and credit notes are booked and posted automatically.

Visma e-conomic includes the option to handle appendices, automatically calculate and report VAT, add and send invoices, orders, offers or default notices and much more functionality.

Included in lease management
Illustration of how Proper and Visma e-conomic is linked.

Utility accounts

We know that yearly consumption statements (soon to be monthly in EU) are complex and can be hard to stay on top of. Therefore we offer to take care of consumtion statements, registration of heat, water and other utilities, and the additional charging of aconto.

Your are always welcome to contact us to hear more about how we handle utility accounts, what integrations with metering companies we have available, and what we need to get you started.

19 DKK / month / lease ex. VAT
iPad showing off the Proper platform

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