The experience of 1000 landlords in your pocket

Proper, Denmark's leading software platform for property management

The experience of 1000 landlords in your pocket

of our users say that Proper has made their lives easier
hours a year you save just by not reconciling the bank anymore
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Manage your properties easily and efficiently

With Proper’s platform and services, rental property management has never been easier

Take control of your rent collections

The Proper platform takes care of all your rent charges, payments and late notices - completely automatically. Give your tenants the freedom to choose between bank transfers or payment services. If need be we also handle default notices. And throughout the entire process, you always have access to relevant, real-time data and information.

Take control of your rent collections

Stay on top of deadlines, documents and legislation

With Proper, you never have to worry about deadlines. We have automated all the processes and make sure reminders go out on time for both you and your tenants. You always have immediate access to all documents and contracts. And we stay up-to-date with relevant legislation so you remain in compliance.

Stay on top of deadlines, documents and legislation

Make accounting easy

You can easily connect Proper to your auditing and bookkeeping. We offer free integration with Visma e-conomic and automatic reporting of your income to suit your accounting plan.

Make accounting easy

Why you should choose


Do you manage a property portfolio? Then Proper is the ideal tool, automatically taking care of rent collection, reconciliation, and rent adjustments, accounting, contracts and the latest rental and GDPR legislation.

Optimize your time

Proper automates all manual processes associated with property management, and our payment system ensures you never have to spend time reconciling rent again.

Minimize the risk of errors

At Proper, we're just people too, so we know that people make mistakes. But our platform doesn't. Let us handle your data, documentation and rental management. We automate all processes and eliminate your risk.

Cut your costs

Minimize your costs through automated processes and streamlined administration. With Proper, you can be sure that all administration is handled optimally.

Always play by the rules

As a customer of ours, you don't have to deal with ongoing regulatory changes - we're always up to date, and that goes for both the Tenancy Act and GDPR. This ensures that you always play by the rules.

Everything you need

In one place

Proper has you covered with easy, effective property management. New features are added on an ongoing basis.

Easy to get started

Our team of dedicated specialists makes sure you’re off to an easy, speedy start.

Automatic charging

Take care of all rent collection, late notices, claims, and rental adjustments.

Full overview

Simple, easy-to-understand access to all relevant data, history, and documents.

Skip the typing

Automated assistance for all your processes - including rental contracts.


The assurance of knowing that you are always up-to-date on rental legislation and that your administration is always in compliance with regulations.

Large Support Team

A team of over 40 experts is ready to assist you.

No deadline headaches

Staying on top of all of your deadlines, and sending you reminders when it’s time for you to take action.

Easy accounting

Integration with your accounting system, and reports that suits your account plan.

The transition process from our old setup to Proper could not have been easier. We just exported our database and shared it with Proper. I would recommend Proper to anyone who has any number of properties.

Åsmund Hogstad Johnsen
Åsmund Hogstad Johnsen
Landlord, 450 leases

We used to do everything ourselves, but it didn’t work. Looking at it now, I do not think it would be possible to run our co-living space without Proper.

Frederik Lean
Frederik Lean
Landlord, 21 leases

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