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We are helping 1.000+ landlords

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Tired of forgetting rent law deadlines?

Managing properties as a core business or a side hustle? Either way, we take the head ache out of rental administration for you.

Our systems works for you—also when you take vacation or focus on other important tasks.

Rentals without reconciling the bank

A unique payment system guarantees you won’t spend any more time reconciling your bank account with rent payments.

Transparent communication with your tenants

Tenants always get automatic payment reminders on time. We also send default notices and termination letters all done by law with delivery certificate (afleveringsattest).

Comply with the rent act and GDPR

Securely store your properties and financial records in Proper. And stay compliant with the rent act when sending notice letters or storing tenant information.

Fits into your existing processes

Our payment technology makes accounting simple. You can also integrate Proper with the tools you love. Pull complete reports from the platform in seconds and digest numbers as you like.

Manage your data in real-time

Are you tired of having to wait for your data? It often takes time to receive and digest your data in legacy software solutions or in your property manager's system. We provide you with a full picture of real-time data. And also help you get an quick overview.

Never worry about missing information

Have you ever tried that your colleague was the only one with an important email from one of your tenants?

We help you store all important information in one place—accessible in real-time.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to store all your documents for each lease. Our communication channel, Proper Talk, also helps keep track of your emails with tenants.

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Save time & costs

No more manual processes. With a streamlined administration you work more cost-effectively. Our customers are already saving more than 22% of their time by utilising Propers automated processes.

You can better scale your portfolio, keep in touch with tenants, but without the extra headcount.

Minimise the risk of errors

Repetitive tasks aren’t just tedious – they can also lead to mistakes.

That's why we automated these processes. It also reduces the risk of human errors.

Part of a strong network

5 out of 5 stars

Proper has simplified our property management journey. It's invaluable peace of mind to know that tasks are automated, payments are tracked and regulations are adhered to. We highly recommend Proper to other landlords, no matter how many leases you have.

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