Contracts & documents

Onboard your tenants in one-click and sign contracts digitally. Keep all your important documents in one place. Whether it’s move-in reports, rental contracts or move-out statements, you can upload all relevant material you need for each specific lease.

Make contracts
in 2 minutes

No more fussing over manually-written contracts. Our in-platform tool allows you to create a residential A10 lease in no time. You can easily:

  • Copy information from another lease
  • Fill in new information and save leases directly on Proper
  • Instantly send contracts for digital signature
  • Store everything securely and in compliance with GDPR

Upload files directly to your tenants

Once you upload document you can rename them for clarity or categorise to keep your documents tidy and easy to find. Whether it's a lease contract, a move-out report, or something else, everything's just a few clicks away.

Move-out statements

Easily wrap up settlements of deposits, prepaid rent and any other move-out charges you can imagine. If a tenant owes money at the end of the process, we’ll send a bill. If not, you can register a payout. The best part? It only takes you a few clicks. And it’s also linked to your bookkeeping.

Why choose Proper?

We're here to make property management as smooth as possible. Our tools are built around your needs, focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Discover a simpler way to manage properties with Proper!