Communication with your tenants

Keep all your important conversations in one place. Enables your team to respond to requests too.

Proper Talk, one channel for tenant communication

Find yourself lost in back-and-forths with too many tenants? Our in-house tool Proper Talk cuts out the noise and streamlines communication between you, your colleagues and tenants.

One-to-one or one-to-many

You can send a message to specific tenants. But what if the heating is broken in the building? No need to contact all these tenants individually – Proper Talk lets you send a single message to all of them.

For your entire team

As a landlord, you get a unique email address that your tenants can contact. You decide whether the emails received go directly to you or to others in your team.

Reply on the go

You can respond with your own email account without sharing your private email address. This avoids spam and allows you to reply directly from your preferred device, e.g. your phone.

Chat history stored securely

All messages to tenants, including automatic communication, are stored here. You can easily find previous conversations and agreements in case of any disputes. And it’s all done in a GDPR-compliant environment.

Property management that works for you

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