Your data, your experience, your API

Connect your company’s own applications to your Proper account for a personalised customer experience.

Streamline your business process with our API

Our API lets you seamlessly integrate your Proper account into your own workflow. Build custom integrations with your software to meet your needs. Even without knowing code.

Get new contracts out in seconds

Do you already have a platform to handle waitlists? You can connect to Proper to automatically create new leases and send contracts to digital signature.

Integrate to your accounting system

Synchronise all bills and payments into your own accounting systems.

Get notified on move-outs

Send a custom email to your administration when a person is due move-out.

Build your own dashboards

Get all financial transactions in your Business Intelligence tool.

No code?

Of course you don't need a Computer Science degree to build your own workflow with Proper. We support webhooks, that gives you important notifications, and can be used in combination with our API.

If you are familiar with Zapier, then you can build custom workflows in minutes.

Property management that works for you

Sign up today so you can have your properties on Proper within 14 days.