Rent collection on auto-pilot

Proper makes rental management simple by automating your recurring payments. While you stay in full control.

Rent collection and reconciliation

A smart, unique payment system is why Proper works so well. Simply let tenants choose between bank transfer or Betalingsservice, and they’ll get a dedicated bank account to pay to. That’s how we ensure payments are always connected to the right tenant.

100% automated payments

Our unique payment flow ensures that rent reconciliation runs 100% automatically – unlike other platforms which still need some form of human input. Say goodbye to security risks and reconciliation headaches with us.

We are proud to be the only platform in Europe with an advance fully automated payment flow for rental payments.

Betalingsservice for free

You can even connect to Betalingsservice for free – saving you more than 5 kr per transaction – roughly 1.000 kr per month for 50 tenants. The entire process is also on auto-pilot, meaning you really don't have to do anything. No need to handle the costly setup and recurring tasks of chargebacks either. This is unique to Proper.

Tailor bills to your needs

Bills can look different for every tenant. You also have flexibility to add or remove any type of products you can think of. We give you a market standard list of products for you to get going immediately.

  • VAT rates per line – so you can easily split VAT
  • Reusable or custom products
  • Ad-hoc and recurring bills
  • Recurring bills by monthly, quarterly, yearly or even custom to your needs (eg. every 4th month)
  • Charge any day during the month – and multiple bills per period
  • Accrual accounting

Reminders, default notices and more

We send automatic payment reminders to tenants and flag those who miss their deadlines. In line with the law, we can also send default notices and termination letters, if you wish.

And most importantly these letters are sent according to law with delivery certificate (afleveringsattest).

Never forget rent adjustment

You can set up adjustments as you wish. Schedule annual rent adjustments according to the net price index, fixed sums, or percentages. This saves you time and ensures you won’t lose out.

  • Net price index
  • Maximum and minimum
  • Percentage or fixed amount
  • Skip a year
  • Reverse an adjustment

Property management that works for you

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