Take control of your rent collections

The Proper platform takes care of all your rent charges, payments and late notices - completely automatically.

Take control of your rent collections

Simple and secure

Give your tenants the freedom to choose between bank transfer or payment service. We’ve streamlined the payment service setup so you’ll be up and running in a matter of seconds, and your tenants can sign up to have their rent paid automatically.


With Proper, you never have to worry about deadlines. We have automated all the processes and make sure reminders go out on time for both you and your tenants.


If need be we also handle default notices. We also stay up-to-date with all relevant legislation so you remain in compliance.

On top of the rules

We always stay updated on the latest regulations, so you know you play by the rules. We also provide communication to your tenants so they receive all relevant information on time in accordance with relevant legislation.

Rental regulation

Proper's platform ensures that the rent regulation is in order. The rent for your leases including deposit and prepayment can be automatically adjusted according to the net price index (NPI) or any minimum rates. We also handle taxes and fees. This applies to both housing and business.

Rental regulation

All in one place.

Everything you need.

Proper has you covered with easy, effective property management. New features are added on an ongoing basis.

Easy to get started

Our team of dedicated specialists makes sure you’re off to an easy, speedy start.

Automatic charging

Take care of all rent collection, late notices, claims, and rental adjustments.

Full overview

Simple, easy-to-understand access to all relevant data, history, and documents.

Skip the typing

Automated assistance for all your processes - including rental contracts.


The assurance of knowing that you are always up-to-date on rental legislation and that your administration is always in compliance with regulations.

Large Support Team

A team of over 40 experts is ready to assist you.

No deadline headaches

Staying on top of all of your deadlines, and sending you reminders when it’s time for you to take action.

Easy accounting

Integration with your accounting system, and reports that suits your account plan.

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