Tenancy overview

At the heart of it all is our tenancy dashboard. It's a clear, simple way for you to get an instant overview of your properties. Spot important details like tenants' payment status or vacancies.

Vacancy insights

Vacant properties? We've got you covered. Our dashboard not only shows you current and upcoming vacancies but also offers insights into the financial side of things. This feature helps you plan better and reduce downtime between tenants.

Draft management

Multiple lease drafts? Our platform simplifies this by providing a dedicated space for all your in-progress leases. It's all about keeping things organized and accessible.

Stay updated on moves

Keep track of tenant movements with ease. Our system highlights upcoming and recent lease changes, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Customise as you like

Every property is unique, and so is how you manage it. That's why our platform allows you to customise unit identifiers to suit your style. Name your units, define types - it's all in your control.

Why Proper?

We're all about making property management straightforward and stress-free. We listen, we adapt, and most importantly, we understand what you need. Give Proper a try, and let's make managing properties a breeze together!